A couple of children join one of the summer students in creating homemade kites at the Bashaw Heritage Centre on July 14 during one of the many summer program offerings being provided through a collaborative approach between four Bashaw organizations.

Change so far a success for Bashaw’s summer programming

Four organizations in Bashaw working together this year for better programs, choices

A significant change in how the summer programs for youth in Bashaw are organized is turning out rather successful.

Four community organizations — Bashaw Historical Society, Bashaw District Support Services, Bashaw Adult Learning and Bashaw Public Library — have come together this year to collaborate in providing a vast array of programming options.

“All of us are working together with all of the summer students from each group collaborating to create, develop and deliver the various events and programs,” said Marg Savage with the historical society.

“In our meetings this year, the hope was by coming together that we could organize things so they didn’t overlap like they did at points last year when we were each doing things on our own.

“Things are going really well I think. Everyone has come together to support all of the projects and this seems to be part of an overall strategy of collaboration in the community. All sorts of groups, with the support of the town, are starting to look at the community as a whole and how they can work on targeting funding for projects instead of fighting for the same grant dollars.”

In the end, the collaborative group decided the best option was to let the summer students determine what programs would better serve youths and what the kids would enjoy.

“It was decided to let the students have a lot more input into what would be done and that way they could organize things so that events and activities would not interfere with each other,” she added.

While the historical society’s summer student is doing some work with the summer programs, Savage stated they are also helping look after the museum and the Bashaw Heritage Centre — formerly known as the tourism booth.

“The society decided a change in name was in order since what we are really trying to sell is Bashaw,” she said.

“There are still going to be items and information for visitors, but our target is really about showing off the community through our summer programs, through the town souvenir sales and showcasing the works of a number of local artists.”

It was also felt that the building should better reflect where it is situated at Heritage Park.

With a month to go in the summer, there remain plenty of opportunities left to get out and participate.

Some of the activities slated to come include a fly fishing and fly-tying lesson, the build-your-own-birdhouse event and the closeout fun Splash in the Park day set for Aug. 24.

To keep abreast of the various dates and programs, check the local information boards downtown for posters or watch the Bashaw Community Events page on Facebook for updates.


The Bashaw Heritage Centre, formerly called the tourist booth, will remain a spot for visitors to come get information, but will also be more of a feature for locals through various events and programs. The centre is also again showcasing local talented artists in a makeshift gallery.