Editorial: What is it going to take?

Just An Observation — How much more will have to happen before people listen?

OPINION: You’re right, music is getting worse

Scientists have proven pop music getting worse every year

  • Nov 1st, 2017

Kneeling for national anthem dishonest, juvenile

No one being thrown in jail for speaking out

  • Oct 26th, 2017

Just An Observation – Moving forward, forgetting the past in a couple ways

Politics and agriculture have more in common than you think in this week’s column

Just An Observation – Tragedies can hit anywhere, anytime

With it being Fire Prevention Week in Alberta, this week’s column shows preparation can help everyone

Editorial: Science, research can educate all of us

Bering Land Bridge allowed Siberians to settle North America 12,500 years ago

  • Oct 5th, 2017

September is a remarkable month to remember

A marathon, a memorial and some motivation is what gets me through September

Wear a hazmat suit 24/7, it’s the only way to be a good mom

Double standard exists when it comes to women’s bodies…and men’s

  • Sep 27th, 2017

EDITORIAL: People seem to be going bonkers

There’s a reason those that follow some sports teams are call fan-atics

OPINION: AWC advocates for tax fairness for farmers to federal government

The Alberta Wheat Commission encourages farmers to review proposed tax changes

  • Sep 21st, 2017

EDITORIAL: Life gets in the way of the best laid plans

The best laid plans don’t always work out in this week’s editorial

  • Sep 14th, 2017

EDITORIAL: Bashaw residents left high and dry in water deal

Bashaw residents are not being asked to join a bad deal for water, they are being told to.

Just An Observation — All it takes is a few simple tasks

Putting a stop to petty crimes can be easy, but it takes some initiative

COLUMN: Reflections on family and generation gap

This week’s column looks at families and generations

  • Aug 31st, 2017

How does your life speak?

In this week’s Pastoral Ponderings, questions are posed about how your life speaks about you

Enbridge Line 3 project good for Bashaw and area

Local MLA expounds on the positive aspects of the Line 3 pipeline replacement project for the area

Reversing a wrong the right thing to do – Just An Observation

A former government’s move to designed to crackdown on impaired drivers never worked anyway

Standing up to taxes on the self-employed

This week’s local MP focuses on why self-employed are taxed more than others

  • Aug 23rd, 2017

OPINION: Battle against intolerance will be fought in history classrooms

A complete accounting of the past – not platitudes – is our best weapon against racist mistruths

Time away supposed to be rejuvenating, refreshing — Just An Observation

Vacation needed to be longer in order to do everything and maybe gain back some energy