Rebel Report: Three exchange students enjoyed Bashaw School

Rebel Report: Three exchange students enjoyed Bashaw School

This week the Rebel Report speaks on the three exchange students who experienced Bashaw

Rebel Report

By Kennedy Hunter and Melissa Johnson

This year our school has been lucky enough to have had three foreign exchange students. During this past year Manja Telge, Jefferson Dantas, and Mayuka Usuda have all attended Bashaw School.

Manja Telge was the first student to join us. Originally from Germany, she arrived Sept. 1, 2017 and left Feb. 1, 2018.

The next exchange student was Dantas. He is from Brazil and started at Bashaw School on Oct. 1 and left Feb. 2.

“Bashaw School was very special and it was easy to get used to the school. My experience in Canada changed my life, and I would love to come back,” noted Dantas.

Our final student is Mayuka Usuda. She arrived on Jan. 28 and is set to leave on June 28. She is originally from Japan.

“I love to interact with everyone in Bashaw. It’s very different from my old school. In my school in Japan we have a very different school system.” said Usuda.

She has been involved in a few extracurricular activities in her time here. She has participated in both the junior high performance of Madagascar and the senior high performance of Mary Poppins. Usuda was also on the basketball team and competed in women’s singles in badminton.

All three of our exchange students said that Bashaw is definitely a place that they are going to come back to at some point in the future. We are currently aware that Telge is coming back to see everyone this summer. We are excited to see her, and look forward to our paths crossing again soon.

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