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Awards night held at Bashaw School

Staff, students and parents came together on Nov. 10 to celebrate achievements at Bashaw School.

Around 150 people were in attendance at the roughly hour-long event.

Staff member Janine England served as the emcee of the event, which featured addresses from both principal Craig Dimond and assistant principal Shawna Johnson.

Battle River School Division trustee Karen Belich was also in attendance and made an address as well.

Students in all grade levels were recognized for their efforts:

In Kindergarten, Raelyn Lavoie earned the Rebel Heart award and Ezmae Gillies earned the Diligence award.

In Grade 1, Bella Ledingham earned the Rebel Heart, and Grant Spruyt earned the Diligence.

For Grade 2, Luna Lee earned the Rebel Heart, and Elaina Tansowny earned the Diligence Award.

In Grade 3, Gage Congdon earned the Rebel Heart and Ellie Carlson earned the Diligence Award.

Moving to Elementary Music, Emily Congdon and Lane Pierson were recognized for their efforts.

The Gordon F. Carbert Golden Rule Award was presented to Mackenzie McIlwaine.

Moving to Grade 4, Honours were awarded to Kinsley Sinclair, the Rebel Heart was awarded to Hudson Towpich, and the Diligence Award was presented to Blake Braseth.

For Grade 5, Keela Quance was recognized with honours, Shanna Steele was awarded the Rebel Heart and the Diligence Award was presented to Bella Lidberg.

In Grade 6, Phiola Lavoie, Jesse Benkie, Shaya Sehlstrom, and Justin Wilkie were all awarded with honours and Jessalyn Schneider was awarded with the Diligence Award.

Division 2 Elementary Music Excellence was awarded to Shanna Steele, and the Gordon F. Carbert Golden Rule Award was presented to Seth Lindstrom. Nash Hunker was presented with the Dana Schneider Citizenship Award. The Bashaw Victim Services Award-Elementary was presented to Lachlan Northey. The School Spirit Award-Elementary was presented to Marshall Dieterle. Finally, the Boden Bookworm Award in Honour of Marj Boden-Elementary was presented to Mark Chitwood.

Moving to Grade 7, Marcus Bjoern, Rowan Scofield, Aubrey Wilson, Layla Steeves, Adilane Bleakley, Layna Steele, Jason Schoff, Sawyer Sinclair, Scarlet Fowler, Hunter Towpich and Paige Brueckman each were recognized with honours.

Adilane Bleakley additionally earned the Rebel Heart, and Layna Steele earned the Diligence Award.

In Grade 8, Ruth Benkie, Chloe Lindstrom, Ethan Schultz, Kendra Rindero, Alyssa Congdon, Elana Taylor, and Sophia Schultz all were recognized with honours.

Dolin Weibel was presented with the Rebel Heart, and Tori Knutson was presented with the Diligence Award.

For Grade 9 honours, Rhett Sterner, Dallas Peoples, Keegan Erickson, Saraphine Vallet, Valeria Oliveros, and Indy Fowler were recognized.

Nick Erickson was presented with the Rebel Heart, and Hailey Peterson earned the Diligence Award.

The Jr. High Athletes of the Year were Nicholas Erickson and Alyssa Congdon, while the Jr. High Holt Memorial Track and Field Award was presented to Layna Steele.

Alyssa Congdon was presented with the Jr. High Recreation Leadership award, and Hayden Breitmeier and Keegan Erickson earned Excellence in the Jr. High Drama Awards.

Troy Van De Voorde was awarded the Order of Royal Purple Service.

Moving into the high school, Karter Dawbin, Ryker Dieterle, Brooke Gray, Annika Harris, Danielle Hunt, Sara Kamaleddine, Olivia Lee, Arayleah Lehman, Cash Miller, Ireland Pearson, Nate Quapp, Trey Ramstad, Julia Schoff and Bella Wray were all recognized with honours in Grade 10. The Highest Academic Average was presented to Olivia Lee, while the Rebel Heart was presented to Karter Dawbin and the Diligence Award went to Danielle Hunt.

In Grade 11, Honours went to Jonas Andersson, Kesler Breitmeier, Brooklyn Holt, Tyler Pearson, Dylan Swedberg, Matthew Swedberg, Clairese Vallet and Kobe Zembal.

Dylan Swedberg was recognized for having the Highest Academic Average, and Tyler Pearson was recognized with both the Rebel Heart and the Diligence Awards.

Finally, in Grade 12, Gwen Quapp, Brock Dawbin, Trinity Congdon and Luke Wray were recognized for honours, with Quapp earning the Governor General’s Medal and the Diligence Award, and Congdon earning the Rebel Heart.

Gwen Quapp also earned awards in Chemistry 20/30, Math 30-1, Biology 30 and Social 30-1.

The award for Social 30-2 was presented to Raina Teichroeb.

Tristan Schoff earned the Jr. and Sr High School Spirit Award.

Brock Dawbin and Trinity Congdon were awarded Sr. High Athletes of the Year.

The N.S. Holt Memorial Sr. High Track and Field Award was presented to Annika Harris.

Luke Wray was presented with the Athletic Team Leadership and Sr. Recreation Leadership awards.

The Sydney Hunter Excellence in Sr. Drama Award was presented to Ireland Pearson and Will Schwab.

The Boden Bookworm Award in Honour of Mark Boden-Jr./Sr. High was presented to Brooke Gray.

Gwen Quapp was presented the Calumet Synergy Scholarship Award, the ATA Scholarship, and the Bashaw Victim Services Award-Jr. Sr. High.

Connor Harris received the Jeannette Holt Memorial Trade Award.

The Elks Sr. High Service Award was presented to Kayla Van De Voorde.

The Henschel Award was presented to Brock Dawbin.

Finally, Trinity Congdon was awarded the Staff Sgt. Bruce Holliday Memorial Award.

All the awards and scholarships presented to students were made possible through the sponsorship of various community members and businesses.

- Congratulations to all the award winners on behalf of the staff of the Bashaw Star!

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