Bashaw town council approved a bylaw for a flat fee of $25 on oversized commercial vehicles. The motion passed with little discussion. File photo

Bashaw town council approved a bylaw for a flat fee of $25 on oversized commercial vehicles. The motion passed with little discussion. File photo

Bashaw council changes oversize permits

Town council approves new bylaw for flat fee on oversized commercial vehicles

By Jordie Dwyer BASHAW STAR

A change to the way the province administers some commercial vehicle permits meant Bashaw had to make a change as well.

Earlier this year, Alberta Transportation put in a requirement that all municipalities participate in the integrated oversized commercial vehicle permit application process.

The permit allows these trucks to pass through Bashaw and the town usually only sees a couple permits each month.

Taking part in the process also means a municipality must have a flat fee for permits.

As Bashaw had no fee, council was requested by administration at its meeting on June 15 to approve a new bylaw to set one. The suggested fee was $25.

There was little in the way of discussion and the bylaw passed all three readings at the meeting.

Another motion, this one to place the fee schedule into the town’s master rates bylaw, was then also approved.

Reserves adjusted

While there is no real change to the actual amounts, council passed administration’s request to update its schedules outlining the town’s restricted reserves in order to better satisfy its financial auditors.

“What this really means is movement of some items and simplifying the listings of our reserves, so the town can show the auditors there is a plan in place for that money,” said CAO Theresa Fuller.

She also noted that while the auditor found no faults in what the town has been doing, the changes would make it easier to see where the money is and what it is slated to be used for.

Presently, the town has three Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) that make up its restricted operating and capital reserves.

The approved changes see the amount of two GICs more closely match the operational reserves, totalling just over $284,000. The other GIC, plus the fund for capital water system upgrades is equal to the capital reserves of slightly more than $660,000.

In addition to passing the motions for the changes, council also formally approved motions that state how this year’s three capital expenditure projects will be paid.

The painting of the water tower, the new washrooms at the ball diamonds and the improvements to the ball diamonds bleachers, all of which were approved in May, will be paid for through operating reserves for the specific departments of water, recreation and parks.

Other business

Council did hold a lengthy discussion about the present rental rate for the Centennial Room at the Bashaw Arena. However, despite leaning toward increasing the base rate of $12 per hour, it was determined more study and input was necessary.

Councillors were especially concerned with what potential effects any increase may have on the many volunteer and non-profit organizations that use the space.

Work is continuing on the 54 Avenue water and sewer replacement, but has been hindered recently because of the wet and stormy weather. Work has also be slowed because of a lot of other pipes and cables crews must work around at the 52 Street intersection.

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