Bashaw Curling Club wants clarification on utility rates

Bashaw Curling Club wants clarification on utility rates

The Bashaw pickleball club is unable to pay the current rental rates

The Bashaw Curling Club had some concerns over ice plant charges.

The club met with council May 17 to discuss ratifying a new agreement with the town, explained CAO Theresa Fuller.

Candace Hunter from the Bashaw Curling Club came to speak to the updated facilities agreement the town is looking to ratify with the club. Most of the discussion involved questions over power usage and billing.

Fuller said that Hunter expressed concerns about whether the power for ice plant use was being charged correctly.

On the other side of the equation the town wondered just what kind of maintenance contributions the club would be making for the plant and building.

“The town has been in touch with the (servicing) company and they can track the usage of the plant between the arena and curling rink. Overall, the club is paying 33 per cent of the electrical usage and considering this an annual average, it should be fairly close to actual given the usage tracked,” Fuller said.

A draft agreement is currently being drawn up by the town and further talks with the club will take place regarding ability to pay and other issues that will need to be in the agreement. Once complete, it will come back to council for approval.

Pickleball Club looking for a lower rental rate

Following that was Chris Brosinsky from the Bashaw Pickleball Club, who spoke to council about the rental rates.

He told council that the club is not able to pay the per hour rental charge for the arena floor especially since the club is never certain just how many participants will show up on a given day.

“Chris said the club is having issues with the $20 per hour at the current ag society building which includes a subsidy from Bashaw Area Recreation Board (BARB),” Fuller explained.

“Council really wants to avoid setting a precedent, since minor ball pays that rate to use the arena and if another group is given an exception, then it’s likely to come back as to why they are paying.”

In the end, administration has been requested to review the present arena usage policy and any other relevant policies that can help clarify what can be done.

Council approved vac truck purchase in shared agreement

A previous attempt to buy a replacement truck fell through, so Bashaw is hoping that a new tact will see that situation won’t happen again.

Council approved a pre-purchase agreement that would give administration the go-ahead to buy a replacement for its hydro-vac flush truck when a suitable unit priced at $55,000 to $100,000 comes up for sale. The agreement still needs the approval of the villages of Bawlf and Rosalind, the other two partners.

Earlier this year, an opportunity to buy one was in the works, but the unit sold before all three councils could approve the purchase price.

The agreement, which is based on population, would see Bashaw pay the majority of the cost — 58 per cent — while Bawlf would pay 29 per cent and Rosalind 13 per cent. That translates into Bashaw paying between $31,000 and $58,000 for a replacement truck.

Fuller explained the price would include a unit with a boiler for winter use. Council also had to consider what impact that new usage would have on staffing levels.

“The impact isn’t so bad in the summer, as we can make do with missing a staff member for a day or two,” Fuller stated.

“In the winter though, missing someone for the day or more could be a concern as staff levels at that time of year are lower. It isn’t so much the wages…it’s the potential impact on services if other things happen. It could come down to saying ‘No’ to a request for the truck if we don’t have the staff at that time.”

It isn’t known when the two village councils will be considering the agreement.

Other business

Council approved road closures for the annual Razzle Dazzle Day on June 9. Traffic will be restricted starting at 11 a.m. along the parade route that runs from the arena along 52 Street to 54 Avenue, then up to 50 Street (Main) and back to 50 Avenue where it will end back at the arena. Main Street, between 50 and 52 Avenue, plus 51 Avenue from Main to 49 Street, will be closed from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. due to various events.

A new free three-year lease, from May 1 to Sept. 30 each year, with BARB for the tourism/cultural centre was approved by council. It includes BARB looking after the care and cleaning of the building, grounds and public washrooms, while the town is responsible for repairs and supplies.

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