Bashaw struggling to resolve community hall problems

Bashaw struggling to resolve community hall problems

Council briefs: Computer issues still plaguing community hall, utility bill changes coming soon

For much of the past three months, Bashaw town council has been hearing about the saga administration has been involved in with regards to the community hall.

At town council’s regular meeting on Sept. 21, councillors were provided with a verbal update on where things currently stand in terms of the community hall’s issues with its computerized heating and cooling system.

Since last fall, town staff have called in the company responsible for installing and maintaining the system several times for a variety of complaints.

All of which to no avail, as similar issues ranging from the system not turning on or off as the computer programming called for, to thermostats not operating properly, to problems plaguing the three rooftop units.

CAO Theresa Fuller explained, as a follow up to her presentation from the Sept. 7 meeting, that staff has been in contact with the company and it will be providing the town with a quote for a one-time repair of every issue that can be found.

To assist the company in handing over a detailed price quote, town foreman Murray Holroyd will be compiling a list of what has been going wrong at the facility.

Fuller did state, in talking with Holroyd, that the issues at the hall don’t seem to be as big as first thought, but it’s just been little things that have frustrated users.

And until the problems are completely fixed, Fuller said council won’t even look at the proposed long-term maintenance contract that was presented to them last month.

Utility bill change

It’s likely the town will soon be implementing a modification to the utility bill it sends out for water and sewer every two months.

A request from administration to increase the penalty for late or non-payment to five per cent from the current two per cent, compounded each billing cycle, was sent back by council for more information.

Fuller explained council wanted to know what other municipalities in the area and of similar size charge for interest on late payments as well as if there was a limit on how much that interest rate could be.

Presently, any utility bill that remains unpaid — with interest charges applied — by Dec. 15 each year has that amount applied to the property taxes along with an additional $40 service charge.

It wasn’t known when the subject will be back before council for a decision.

Arena vending machine

A proposal from the Bashaw Skating Club for a vending machine to be put into the rink was approved by town council.

Club president Krista Dryden was at council to speak on the idea, which would see the proceeds from the machine go to help the club with the pricing structure being similar to what is being offered currently in the arena concession.

The idea was also in order to make items available for users when the concession isn’t open.