Robyn Walker. (Photo submitted)

Bashaw town council candidate Robyn Walker

I am Robyn Walker. I was born and raised in Lac La Biche Alberta and I have moved to this peaceful town of Bashaw.

Some of you may recognize me from working at the Bashaw Bottle Depot, or have seen me at the Bashaw Golf and Country Club.

I am recently a new parent learning to raise my child properly as I hope to be a town councillor. I have been in Bashaw since late 2014 until now. I have experienced a lot of nice and generous people I like to call friends and on some parts, to be called family. So for the last seven years I have enjoyed living in Bashaw and hope to stay for a much longer period of time, so that my child, and one day children, will become involved and part of this great community.

I feel I would contribute in town council to hopefully bring the community together, with community events and sporting activities for all ages, which helps build a strong community in Bashaw, by listening and understanding certain needs of the community.

Since I have been in Bashaw, I have noticed the decline of events due to a lack of anticipation and participation. I hope while I’m in council I can bring back the event in which residents of all ages can come out to enjoy themselves.

So in a way, as a town councillor, I hope to bring the people of Bashaw and surrounding area together once again, to achieve the balance and harmony once again for our friends, families and children to learn, grow and understand what it means to be a part of a growing community.

I hope to resolve infrastructure in the town of Bashaw, such as corner streets, proper drainage all around town, making Bashaw more appealing, town garbage, maintaining the town and the graveyard and bringing industry into town for more job opportunities.

I also hope to bring more rental properties that are affordable. I as a councillor, I hope to resolve residents’ concerns and build a strong community.

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