Bashaw residents can expect to be moving to permanent water pretty soon. File photo

Bashaw residents can expect to be moving to permanent water pretty soon. File photo

Bashaw town council declines credit request on water connection fee

Bashaw residents on temporary water expected to get hooked up to new line soon

Bashaw town council were in a bit of a quandary over a homeowner’s request to credit a water connection fee.

Council heard July 20 during the regular meeting that a homeowner in the area impacted by construction, wanted water flow to their home so they could do some renovations.

CAO Theresa Fuller said that residents in the affected area are on temporary water. This was connected by Carbon Earthworks, the company doing the infrastructure improvements along 54 Avenue between 49 Street and 52 Street.

This homeowner didn’t have a water connection to the temporary supply. The property in question is a rental, which is believed to have been vacant for just under one year. The last time there was water consumption on the property was seen in the August 2016 bill.

The request was to credit the connection fee, something all residents must pay regardless of water usage. In the town’s preamble to council, the owner said if no credit is to be given then to connect the water as soon as possible.

“I feel that a credit should be given in lieu of water, if council feels that I should pay then I would like the water restored to this property as soon as possible so I ready this property for sale,” states the letter.

The property owner also stated they suffer from “incontinentis” [sic], which adversely impacted them during the construction phase.

Deputy Mayor Rosella Peterman offered that there is not much council can do about the bill. “I recognize that it’s very inconvenient not to have water when you need it.”

With water expected to be be fully restored in the next few weeks council appeared unsure of the next step. The discussion turned to the fact that if the homeowner wanted temporary water service as soon as possible, that they should contact Carbon Earthworks.

The construction company is responsible for the temporary connections during the improvements.

Council declined to credit the connection bill stating he’s responsible for his billing and recommended he contact Carbon Earthworks for the temporary connection, adding that the full connection will be restored in the near future.