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Clearview Public Schools announces two Clearview Star Award winners

Darren Fleischhacker will be receiving one of two Clearview Star Awards being handed out in 2024. (Photo submitted)

Clearview Public Schools is recognizing two long-time staff members for their efforts with the Clearview Star Award in 2024.

The first Clearview Star winner for 2024 is Jenna Shepherd, a member of Clearview’s Transportation Department.

Shepherd began her Clearview career as a bus driver but has since evolved into a “pivotal figure within the department” according to a media release announcing the win.

Having graduated from the Clearview school division herself, Shepherd has “excelled in her professional role,” which is why she was nominated for the award by Hugh Cox.

“Jenna is the lifeline for all bus drivers, along with coordinating buses for field trips. She is the go-to girl for help, and they would be lost without her,” said Cox, in the release.

In addition to coordinating, Shepherd also trains new drivers using her experience from behind the wheel to make “an effective mentor and a relatable leader.”

The release continues that it is “often-unseen efforts” behind the scenes such as Shepherd’s that are “crucial for educational success.”

A second Clearview staff member receiving the Clearview Star Award in 2024 is Wm. E Hay Secondary Campus vice principal Darren Fleischhacker.

Fleischhacker is “renowned” for “innovative teaching methods and deep commitment to student welfare” and is beloved by his students.

“Darren has been a beacon of support and guidance for my son, Seth,” said parent Alison Baird, who nominated Fleischhacker for the award.

“His dedication goes beyond his duties; it reaches into the heart of what community and mentorship stand about. Watching him interact with Seth, I’ve seen my son grow from a shy individual into a confident young man ready to take on challenges with enthusiasm.”

The release notes this testimonial as just one of many examples of Fleischhacker’s ability to change student lives by advocating, and creating, alternative learning strategies tailored to the student’s “strengths and interests.”

“Darren’s approach to challenges is not only to solve them but to turn them into opportunities for learning and growth,” said a Wm. E Hay Secondary Campus staff member in the release.

Fleischhacker’s philosophy continues an “environment of continuous improvement, inspiring his peers to strive for excellence,” continues the release.

“(Fleischhacker’s) story is a compelling reminder of how educators like him are crucial to fostering inclusive and adaptable learning environments where all students can succeed,” concludes the release.

The pair of winners will receive their awards on May 16.

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