Dustin Hemingson appointed new Bashaw fire chief

Town of Bashaw council highlights

By Kevin J. Sabo For the Bashaw Star

The Town of Bashaw has a new fire chief.

With the previous fire chief, Jordan Lee, providing notice of resignation to the Town of Bashaw in mid-June, the process began to look for his successor. Council was notified during the Sept. 2 council meeting that a member had verbally agreed to take on the role, however, at the time no official documentation had been submitted.

During the Sept. 16 council meeting, Chief Administrative Officer Theresa Fuller notified council that the documentation had been submitted, and that firefighter Dustin Hemingson was interested in taking on the role.

“Dustin Hemingson is going to step up and be chief,” said Fuller.

Agreeing with Fuller, Hemingson was appointed Town of Bashaw’s new fire chief in a motion by Coun. Darren Pearson.

Former Fire Chief Lee will remain with the department until the end of September to help support the transition.

Truth and reconciliation

The National Day of Truth and Reconciliation statutory holiday being announced by the federal government earlier this year will be taking place on Sept. 30.

While federal employees get the day off as a stat, it has been left up to provincial jurisdictions and municipalities how they will acknowledge the day. While some municipalities are issuing a proclamation for the day, others are treating it like any other holiday with a paid day off.

“We’re planning to provide staff with the day, simply because it is a federal holiday,” said Fuller.

Due to the stat falling on a Thursday, Town of Bashaw staff will work the day, and be given the Friday off in lieu.

“The day has been recognized,” said Deputy Mayor Rosella Peterman. “And we need to proceed as such.”

Bashaw and District Support Services

Bashaw and District Support Services (BDSS) has requested council to allow the placement of a 20-foot shipping container by the daycare fence.

BDSS has requested the placement of a container so that they, and their community partners, have a weather and rodent proof storage space to store items such as the imagination playground.

“They are wanting to make a move on this,” said Fuller.

“Sea-cans do typically require a development permit. It’s a temporary storage solution, subject to a $75 annual renewal.”

BDSS requested permission to either purchase and place a 20-foot or 40-foot storage container, though council believed that a “20-foot sea-can would be less intrusive.”

“Along the fence, to me, is kind of unsightly,” said Mayor Penny Shantz.

Ultimately, council agreed that BDSS could place a 20-foot shipping container, with the location to be approved in conjunction with Public Works or administration.

As per another request in the same letter, council also allowed BDSS to store the imagination playground in the back room of the Community Hall until the container is in place.

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