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New doctor practicing in Camrose

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has announced that a new general practice (GP) doctor has opened a practice in the City of Camrose, improving patient access to health for the region.

Beginning practice at the beginning of June, Dr. David Bolofinde is working out of the Gemini Health Clinic on 48 Ave.

Bolofinde is currently accepting new patients and can be reached at 780-672-9850 for appointments.

According to the release announcing Bolofinde’s arrival, Camrose now has 38 physicians practicing in the community.

“General practice physicians are vital to the health of families and communities,” says Jackie Lovely, MLA for Camrose. “Dr. Bolofinde will be a welcome addition to Camrose.”

Bolofinde received his training and began practicing his medical career in Nigeria and has a background in obstetrics in addition to his skills as a GP.

“I look forward to experiencing the warmth and hospitality while I join the wonderful team of doctors already there,” said Dr. Bolofinde, in the media release.

Bolofinde is relocating to Camrose from Calgary and looks forward to pursuing his hobbies including music, basketball and coaching soccer in the community.

AHS continues to recruit physicians province-wide, working with various community partners and community organizations to identify needs and international and domestic groups to fill those needs.

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