Resident's from Castor's Paintearth Lodge were able to go for a motorcycle ride on Aug. 29. (Lynn Sabo photo)

Paintearth Lodge residents get early Christmas present

Residents from Castor’s Paintearth Lodge had the opportunity to feel the wind on their faces on Aug. 28.

Laurie Beausoliel, a health care aide at the lodge arranged an early Christmas present for the residents with rides on a specially modified motorcycle.

More accurately described as a tricycle, the machine has a motorcycle’s front wheel which flows into a passenger deck capable of carrying six passengers plus the driver. From the passenger deck, the machine flows into the rear end of a sports car.

The Machine is owned by Dan Wardrop, who “contributed to make this possible for our residents,” says Brenda Kneller, Paintearth Lodge activities coordinator.

In total, 36 lodge residents and some staff went for a ride on the motorcycle after it arrived at the lodge a little after 1 p.m.

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