There were plenty of activities for family members of all ages during the Erskine Corn Hole Tournament.

The Village of Erskine held a successful community corn hole tournament at the end of May

By Sam Donnelly


The Hamlet of Erskine held their first annual cornhole tournament, turning it into a town event with two cornhole tournaments, a cabaret and a whole host of other things todo for all ages at the Erskine Curling Club.

The second day of the tournament even saw a performance by Camrose’s River Jacks.

The event was held by the Erskine Recreation Society and the Erskine Curling Rink.

“Our biggest goal was getting the community back together,” said Erskine Recreation Society president Danny Riggins. The secondary goal was maintaining Erskine’soutdoor rink, with a long-term vision of upgrading the outdoor rink.

Other organizers for the event included Kent McKenzie and Cody Rowledge. Dana Riggins is also credited with doing all the promotion for the tournament.

“Both clubs put so much effort in to make the event happen,” said Riggins.

The tournament started on Friday night with competitive and non-competitive games, with players vying for a piece of the 50 per cent payout for each event.

According to Riggins, the tournament saw 40 competitive teams, 58 non-competitive teams and 15 youth teams playing in the tournament.

He described the turnout as fantastic.

Competitive games ran from 7 to 11 p.m. on May 27, while non-competitive began at 6 p.m on Friday, May 26, and ran until 4 p.m. on the 28.

The tournament also includes events such as kids’ activities, taking place from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on May 28.

The kids were also treated to a movie on the night of the 27th when a movie was projected in the Erskine school.

The event was capped off with a barbecue on the night of the 28th followed by a performance by Camrose’s River Jacks.

“It was an absolute blast,” said Riggins.

He said that the cornhole tournament was a huge success with over 250 coming for the dinner and show. He continued by saying that Erskine’s tight community had adifficult couple of years with the community being unable to come together.

Riggins also said that the Erskine Cornhole Tournament will continue as an annual event.

The Erskine Recreation Society’s next event is called Floats and Flicks on Sept. 17. Erskine Recreation Society will be hosting a parade followed by an outdoor movieprojection. The local church will also be providing barbeque on that day as well.

If you are interested in entering a float in the parade contact Danny Riggins.

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Some of the participants of the First Annual Erskine Corn Hole Tournament.

A barbecue finished off events on May 28.