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Town of Bashaw updates communications policy

By Carson Ellis For the Bashaw Star

By Carson Ellis For the Bashaw Star

After a scheduled delegation cancelled its appearance, Bashaw town council was left with a somewhat lighter agenda during its July 26 meeting.

The first agenda item council reviewed was communications policy 12.80, regarding outgoing notifications.

The policy currently required outward communications via traditional and electronic means. The policy currently was worded in a way that the town was often notifying the public of even the smallest update in tender requests, or any business that may or may not require the council’s attention.

The clarification sought was in hopes of specifying that outward communications were only necessary if a major update or announcement were to be made. The motion to amend the language was made by Coun. Kyle McIntosh, and was carried.

The next item was noted as approval of the parade route. Specifically, just to approve the road closures needed on the chosen route. Coun. Brian Gust motioned to approve the necessary closures for the chosen route, which was carried.

Golf Course request for water charge exemption

The Bashaw Golf and Country Club sent a letter to council requesting that it be exempt from the wastewater charge being levied on them. They noted that they were owned by the town and were a not-for-profit organization.

Council addressed the topic of ownership, and it was explained that the town owned the land, but not so much the golf course operation itself.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Theresa Fuller explained that the golf course had previously been exempted from the charge because the administration viewed it as town-owned land. However, the town has been working to ensure all residents and businesses are treated fairly regarding fees being charged and the golf course was therefore charged the wastewater fee.

During the discussion, it was noted that the arena does pay a flat fee for the year instead of a monthly rate. However, all other groups pay the fee. Including residents who aren’t on the sewer system due to the elevation of their property, but the town instead has their systems pumped out.

Coun. McIntosh motioned that the request for exemption be denied, which was carried.