Jordie Dywer - Editorial

Jordie Dywer - Editorial

Just An Observation: Warming up to cooling off

Reasons behind why the warmer than average weather isn’t always fun for some

Just when is hot simply too hot?

For some, that’s never a question. For others, they don’t complain, but just suffer through the heat while consoling themselves that Canadian summers are short and should be enjoyed.

Then there’s the few that dare to say the weather is far too warm and those that don’t like it should go live in Arizona or Las Vegas (I hear Toronto people are envious, since there’s a hockey team there).

Okay, for the record, I dislike lots of rain (hence why I don’t like the B.C. lower mainland) and not too fond of the minus 30 and below (maybe why I won’t live in Manitoba). However, I also am not loving the mid to high 20 degree above temperatures of late in this province — for a few reasons.

First up to the plate is, I have never been a ‘fan’ of overly hot and sunny weather. I learned early when growing up that my body needed frequent replenishment of liquids in anything above 20 C and that it wasn’t easy to tell the difference between a tan and being sunburned.

This hasn’t changed in all my years since, no matter if I lived on the west coast, various points in Alberta, lots of different places in Saskatchewan or on visits further east or south of the border. More so now, I think I dislike the feeling of being too warm compared to my younger years.

Heading to second, I had a huge scare when I was about 19 that made me realize that not only I am not invincible, but I can’t take for granted how much fluid I need.

I was umpiring a baseball tournament on the west coast and wound up with heat stroke. If not for a very observant parent of one of the teams, who just happened to be a nurse, I likely would have been sent to hospital in an ambulance after passing out on the field.

Rounding third and heading home, I have learned during my time as an emergency first responder that I need to be at my best and optimum capabilities in order to do my job properly. So, this has helped me learn my limitations and the necessity of maintaining my health at all times.

That includes better eating habits as well as staying properly hydrated and not over-exerting myself, but doing enough to get the job done in a timely, efficient manner.

So, for all of you reading this — take care when participating in any activity outdoors, ensure you are sufficiently hydrated prior to the activity and preferably drink water regularly during; try not to be outside for too long of a period in excessive heat or try to find shade or cooler spots when possible; learn what the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke are and watch for those in yourself and others, and lastly, consider light and very breathable clothing options for the activity so your body can cool itself through sweat as needed.

It’s never fun getting sick because of the heat and if it happens once, it usually happens again if one is not careful and you can become susceptible for the rest of your life.

So, drink it up, stay safe, wear sunscreen and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Meanwhile, I’ll take that tall glass of cool water on the rocks in the chair near the a/c.

But that is…just an observation.