MLA Jackie Lovely

MLA Jackie Lovely: Alberta’s economy strongest in Canada


Thanks to our solid conservative policy, Alberta’s economy is the strongest in Canada.

We stand by our commitments — to create jobs, boost our economy, and build up our energy sector. My colleagues and I understand that it is the role of government to fortify the economy and protect your savings. Economic indicators all predict that Alberta will lead the nation in growth in 2022. Because of our efforts, Alberta is back on the path to balance and prosperity. We will continue to advocate for Albertans, so we can stand strong and build a better future for our province.

And every day, we are doing just that. We balanced the budget. We suspended the fuel tax. We made Alberta’s corporate tax rate the lowest in Canada. Unemployment is the lowest it has been in seven years — Alberta gained nearly 40,000 new jobs since the start of the year, and 16,000 in April alone. Last year, we beat the national average in real GDP growth at 5.1 per cent. Businesses are flocking to Alberta, and we have seen massive investments from major tech and energy companies like Amazon Web Services, Plug and Play, Northern Petrochemical, Dow Chemical, Telus, Infosys, Mphasis and more. You can see it in hotels, bars, restaurants, hockey games, and shopping centres. Everywhere you look, Albertans are getting back to work and doing the things they love.

We are investing locally, too, to help community leaders enrich their neighbourhoods and make Alberta a welcoming place for everyone. In our Camrose constituency, I’m proud to highlight two recipients of the Community Facility Enhancement Program, or CFEP. The Friends of Ryley School Society received $92,383 to help build their school playground, and the Tofield Lions Club received $79,332 towards construction of the Tofield Fairgrounds. With the help of this funding, these community builders will be able to strengthen ties and improve public spaces for people of all ages.

Finally, there has been an increase in bird flu cases reported across Alberta. Those living in the Camrose area should take precautions to protect livestock and avoid handling birds they suspect may have been infected. If you have concerns about sick or dead wild birds, please call 310-0000 or your local Fish and Wildlife Office. You can also contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency by phone at 403-338-5225 or email them at

I encourage everyone to visit to find out more about how our United Conservative team is creating jobs, attracting investment, and restoring the Alberta Advantage for all, and how our best days are truly just ahead. As always, stay safe everyone, and please stop into the office if it has been a while since I’ve seen you. Connecting to constituents is important to me as your MLA.