OPINION: Take out the political stress in one’s life

OPINION: Take out the political stress in one’s life

Focus in sports. Get out of the political funk in your head, in this week’s reporter opinion.

There is a lot of static out among the public and a couple of things have to be cleared up.

First things first — It’s football season people, so please get your priorities straight and ditch the political coffee talk like a curdled cream container.

Okay, so over the weekend it was only the opening pre-season contests and the last exhibition games are slated to wrap by this Sunday. But seriously, at least by cheering and debating the not-so-life-or-death decisions of the coaches from your favourite team (Stamps fans need not apply) people can feel like they are accomplishing something.

Unlike blasting political talking heads — municipal, provincial or federal — on social media, call-in shows or during some protests on the legislature grounds, because all that does is cause divisions and raise the blood pressure; the politicians only listen when they need a vote.

Questioning why the Roughriders (one word, not two for you old-timers) signed a former NFL quarterback, whatever prompted Calgary to wear all red (weird?), whether the Argonauts will draw more than the usual flies and just how long it will take for someone to complain about the CFL officiating are all legitimate topics.

That doesn’t mean one is limited to discussing the players or the game action, because people really want to know why Gainer has no pants, is there someone patrolling the sideline at McMahon to clean up after the horse, exactly what is the Winnipeg mascot supposed to be and how badly does the Red Black’s lumberjack plaid chafe.

And for those not really in the CFL, there’s still the inordinately long NHL run to the Stanley Cup that was finally won by the Pittsburgh Penguins this week.

Without bringing to light the allegedly suspect officiating (according to some), there remain a vast array of subjects to banter about despite the season now being concluded.

Who teams should take in the upcoming amateur draft set for Chicago on June 23 and 24 could tie up conversations from now until the draft, followed by critiquing and which club got the best player taking place for the next few months.

Toss in talk about various trades, unhappy players, the things wrong with Gary Bettman (that’s a whole column in itself) plus all of the coaching moves or vacancies and one has more than enough ammunition to discuss hockey all the way to when training camps start in September.

Lastly, for those that are into the geeky side, spending time chatting up others about the analytics and percentages of either hockey or baseball and how it can help justify a decision or assist in predicting what may happen to make one thing or something else occur. Alright, even thinking about the numbers behind sports has me confused.

So, for everyone that is getting all flustered, frustrated, bamboozled, dazed or awash in disappointment because of the political strife and nonsense — take a deep breath and a bit of a rest, then find a friend or family member (or even a stranger for that matter) with an affinity for the sport of choice and engage in a chat.

It may not solve anything, but it certainly can’t hurt — unlike politics.

But that is…just an observation.

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