Time away supposed to be rejuvenating, refreshing — Just An Observation

Time away supposed to be rejuvenating, refreshing — Just An Observation

Vacation needed to be longer in order to do everything and maybe gain back some energy

Well, it’s back behind a desk and screen after a couple weeks.

And while I really enjoyed my vacation days, it felt like it was too quick and there was so much that needed to get done. So, some of my time away wasn’t as refreshing or rejuvenating as it should have been.

That being said, as I write this, I’m still feeling far from being back into the swing of things — not really wanting to sit inside and write, being tired when I get up and not totally being awake until at least noon. So, I guess I’m still in vacation mode, at least for now.

As per its definition, refresh means to give new strength or energy.

However, I think I would need at least a month away in order to come close to gaining back some of the energy needed to do this week in and week out. And, that’s not taking into account the effort put into the things you do at home or travelling when you are on vacation — such as work around the house, driving the busy highways, organizing trips and hotels.

Alas though, I wouldn’t trade any of that time off spent with the family, travelling back to what I like to consider home (as do most of the family), reconnecting with friends after many years plus meeting some new friends, seeing some sights not witnessed before, along with accomplishing some things that have been in the works for some years.

I suppose it seems appropriate that this piece is the first one to get done when I get back. It’s an opportunity to slowly turn the page on my vacation while easing into the writing side of things and not having to think too hard about the content. So, with how I’m at the moment, it’s best my brain doesn’t have to work too hard.

Fire-ing some shots

In the recognition of time and space constraints, below are some reflections on a few significant items that took place in the last couple weeks.

First up is the wildfires in our neighbouring province, which are still running ragged across B.C. with new fires created almost daily. The issue I have is, even with all the people living in evacuation centres and losing homes, that there are still others flaunting the law and common sense by ignoring the ban on any and all fires. A $1,150 fine isn’t a deterrent, so I guess it is true that you can’t fix stupid.

Turning to politics, the strangeness goes on with the Filde-pockets condo rental scandal alongside the sudden retirement of Saskatchewan’s Premier Brad Wall and the growing list of candidates running for municipal office around Alberta.

While MLA Derek Fildebrandt was within his rights to collect the rent subsidy, the optics and ethics behind this stink as much as what the former Conservative government was accused of during the Redford era and it seems the outrage will hurt him plus the as-yet-formed new party that may be get labelled as the same old gang and ideas as Fildebrandt.

Meanwhile, Premier Wall’s announcement last week shocked many and could be a blow to the Conservative movement across the country. There is no doubting what Wall and his government accomplished, but with the recent economic troubles and deep budget cuts, the writing was on the wall — literally.

Lastly, as for the municipal election slate, there is still another month left for people to file nomination papers. And while other communities are seeing people coming out of the woodwork, there is no rush in Bashaw. Maybe that’s because few people want to take on the job or the people there are seen doing the job well. Guess we’ll find out.

But that is…just an observation.