Screengrab. Facebook/ Trent Williams

Screengrab. Facebook/ Trent Williams

Treacherous roads make the best skating conditions

Wetaskiwin local spotted skating through the streets of Wetaskiwin Wednesday morning

While some are stuck in standstill highway traffic as icy road conditions prove treacherous throughout the County of Wetaskiwin and areas of Central Alberta, others take advantage of the slick roads.

On the morning of Dec.8, 2021 a Wetaskiwin, Alta., commuter captured a Wetaskiwin local making his way through the city in the most Canadian way possible- on hockey skates.

The skater sped his way down the street between the bowling alley and Fas Gas on 49 Street in Wetaskiwin surprising and delighting drivers looking on as they made their slow morning commutes on the icy roads.

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