Pastoral Ponderings: More than a stranger

Is the most recognizable parable in the Bible becoming cliché?

  • Jul 16, 2019

What you don’t need

Pastoral Ponderings: Getting the essentials and being prepared are important

Pastoral Ponderings: Inside out

Christian journey isn’t easy for anyone

Remember you need to walk before you run even on the ball field

T-ball can teach anyone a few lessons

  • Jul 2, 2019

Pastoral Ponderings: A Story Worth Sharing

Just because its evil doesn’t mean it translates into demon possession

Pastoral Ponderings: It really is a big deal

The Trinity is considered a “mystery” of the faith

Fans support Rebels

Pastoral Ponderings: It’s in you

Holy spirit can be a scary concept

I bought their ‘Patriot’ story

Some critics of Gulf War missile say it had zero success rate

Reflecting on D-Day

Look back at the history and significance of June 6, 1944

  • Jun 11, 2019

Pastoral Ponderings: A Whole New World

Breaking out of the box is part of the message from Jesus

A time to celebrate

Getting married on a long weekend

  • May 28, 2019

Pastoral Ponderings: Whole

Miracles and healings worth remembering

Keep reading to the end

Not even he has the full answer to the conundrum of what a Christian is

One word makes a difference

Creating that sense of belonging includes respect and honour

Peanut allergies: Research shows ‘oral immunotherapy’ is safe for preschoolers

Child eats small amounts of an allergenic food, dose gradually boosted to target maintenance amount

Albertans have spoken, and spoken clearly

UCP takes 63 electoral districts, NDP mostly an Edmonton party

Recall legislation definitely the way to go

Recalling elected candidates an interesting topic during election campaign