Just An Observation: Several not-so random thoughts

Fire, fuel and favs among this week’s observations

Fortune’s “World’s Greatest Leaders” worth a read

A few shocking surprises within these top 50

Lifting provincial parks liquor ban may not have been wisest move

If everyone was equally responsible, the removal of the ban wouldn’t be an issue

Just An Observation: What is it going to take??

When will the public learn that they need to help prevent wildfires from starting

Just An Observation: Hardest job ever and no instruction manual

Being a parent is the most difficult thing you could ever do

Fans support Rebels

There is a right way and a wrong way to share your opinion online

Look at it twice before posting it once should be one’s social media mantra

Carbon taxes not the way to combat global warming

Some facts about what climate change entails

Just An Observation: Weather or not to put it away

Tough to decide on what to do as the seasons change

What will an NDP opposition government look like?

One of the strongest oppositions Alberta has seen in nearly 50 years, though what will it do?

Pastoral Ponderings: Faith alive with doubt

There is no doubt in this week’s colmun

Just An Observation: Video didn’t just kill the radio star

Review is making things worse than ever in some sports

Just An Observation: It’s over, so now we can return to reality

With one election over, Albertans can get back to regular life at least for a few months

Just An Observation: Improvement expeditures — what novel capital idea

Making infrastructure a priority should be top of mind, not looked at as throwing cash away

Just An Observation: When did being civil become the exception, not the norm

With Alberta experiencing the harshest provincial election ever, we examine society’s attitude change

Just An Observation: Education is not about complacency and clear sailing

Alberta’s system has to address many issues to help students, not achieve targets

Just An Observation: Where are all the doctors?

Something is wrong when people can’t get access except to sit and wait for hours

Just An Observation: Don’t stress, we are here to help

Good or bad, speaking out about stress and its effects will help deal with it

OPINION: Maybe we should send Alberta oil via pigeons

A pipeline will reduce our dependancy on an unstable United States

Just An Observation: From a game to some Games and back again

With the dead of winter rollercoastering us along, here’s a few random thoughts