Web Poll: Bashaw needs better mental health services

Web Poll: Bashaw needs better mental health services

Respondents to web poll want improvements to local service levels

More than half of those that responded to a recent web poll feel there needs to be better levels of service provided in Bashaw.

The last Bashaw Star online poll asked — Are current local mental health service levels adequate for the need?

There were a total of 11 votes received, with all but one being cast on the ‘No’ side.

Six of those felt that drastic improvement is needed to mental health services in the community, while four believed that the wait times for professional help along with having to travel for such service are big barriers to people getting the necessary assistance.

There was one lone vote for ‘Yes’ because it’s felt as much is being done locally as is possible in the current structure.

This week’s web poll asks the question — Do you think the right decision was made in purchasing the Trans-Mountain pipeline?

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Bashaw Star’s web polls are a way to engage with readers and get a feel for what residents want. The polls do not represent an official petition or plebiscite.

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