Web Poll: With the deadline looming for legalization of cannabis, are you concerned there will be more impaired drivers on the roads?

As the government gets closer to making it legal, will this put the public on the roads more at risk

Web Poll: Is the Town of Bashaw spending on capital projects enough or too much?

This week’s online poll asks for your opinion on capital spending by the town

Web Poll: Do you think the right decision was made in purchasing the Trans-Mountain pipeline?

Provide us with your answer and opinion on the federal government buying the pipeline to build it

Web Poll: Are local mental health service levels meeting the need?

With Bashaw agencies proposing a new service model for mental health, will it help?

Web Poll: What do you think of the three per cent tax increase?

With Bashaw recently approving its 2018 budget, let us know your thoughts on the tax increase

Web Poll: Do you like Bashaw’s new water system?

With Bashaw now fully involved in the water commission, we ask if it’s been of benefit.

Fans support Rebels

Poll: Do you think you are better off now than last year?

Cast a vote in the latest online poll and tell us the reason behind why you voted that way

  • Apr 24th, 2018

Web Poll: Given the horrific bus tragedy last week, are you surprised by people’s response

Tell us your opinion about how people have reacted to the Humboldt collision

Web Poll: To what level are you sick of winter?

Tell us just how sick, or not, you are of the winter that just seems to keep going this year.

Web Poll: Should Bashaw support the curling club financially?

We ask the question and give readers three options: Yes, No, or Unsure.

Web Poll: What activity can’t you wait to do when the snow melts?

We want your opinion and feel free to leave a more detailed comment

Web poll: What should be the Town of Bashaw’s top budget prioritiy?

Give an opinion on what to focus on in 2018, and leave a comment with any details

Web Poll: We ask the question about being armed while defending property

Looking at being armed to defend one’s property, what do you think?

Web poll: What can be done to further curb rural crime?

Tell us your thoughts on what needs to be done to lessen criminal activity

Web poll: Which municipal service is most important to you?

Cllick on the public services that is your highest priority

Web Poll: What is your favourite Winter Olympic sport?

Choose from the usual list of Canadian favs or fill everyone in on what one you like best.

Web Poll: Will you be supporting Alberta’s ban on B.C. wine?

Let us know your opinion as well — include what wine you’ll switch to or why you won’t switch

Web Poll: Had the cost of water changed how much you use?

Are you up or down in water, answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in our poll

WEB POLL: Do you think a $15 minimum wage will hurt Alberta’s economy?

Let us know your thoughts on Alberta’s upcoming $15 minimum wage.

  • Jan 10th, 2018

Web poll: Should the Town of Bashaw have allowed urn storage in the cemetery vault?

Council decided to not allow the storage of unclaimed urns in the vault, agree or disagree?