Poll: What did you think of the ‘super blood wolf moon’?

A lunar eclipse on a full moon doesn’t happen often and hopefully you caught it on the weekend

POLL: What will be the biggest issue for Bashaw in the next provincial election?

Choose from one of the answers or provide your own with possible election just months away

WEB POLL: What is your favourite rodeo event?

With Red Deer hosting its first ever CFR, tell us what is your top event and why you chose it

Web Poll: Do you think the legalization of cannabis will be a problem for communities?

With the legalization of cannabis, we ask the question. Tell us what you think.

WEB POLL: Will all of the candidate scandals lately hurt the UCP?

Given recent controversy from some UCP candidates, we ask if it will burn the party in 2019 election

Fans support Rebels

Web Poll: Should more be done to recruit and maintain volunteer fire departments?

Is there more than can or needs to be done to keep these smaller departments viable, let us know.

Web Poll: Should government help ensure rural bus services?

With Greyhounds recent announced closing, must government funds be used to run one

POLL: Has the price of gas influenced your driving lately?

This week’s online poll wants to know if you have changed how much you drive due to higher prices

Web Poll: What do you think needs to be done to Highway 21?

Given the most recent accidents, let us know your opinion on how to improve the highway.

WEB POLL: Will you be taking in the Ponoka Stampede?

Are you going to be one of the thousands to head over to Ponoka for the big rodeo?

Web Poll: With the deadline looming for legalization of cannabis, are you concerned there will be more impaired drivers on the roads?

As the government gets closer to making it legal, will this put the public on the roads more at risk

Web Poll: Is the Town of Bashaw spending on capital projects enough or too much?

This week’s online poll asks for your opinion on capital spending by the town

Web Poll: Do you think the right decision was made in purchasing the Trans-Mountain pipeline?

Provide us with your answer and opinion on the federal government buying the pipeline to build it

Web Poll: Are local mental health service levels meeting the need?

With Bashaw agencies proposing a new service model for mental health, will it help?

Web Poll: What do you think of the three per cent tax increase?

With Bashaw recently approving its 2018 budget, let us know your thoughts on the tax increase

Web Poll: Do you like Bashaw’s new water system?

With Bashaw now fully involved in the water commission, we ask if it’s been of benefit.

Poll: Do you think you are better off now than last year?

Cast a vote in the latest online poll and tell us the reason behind why you voted that way

  • Apr 24, 2018

Web Poll: Given the horrific bus tragedy last week, are you surprised by people’s response

Tell us your opinion about how people have reacted to the Humboldt collision

Web Poll: To what level are you sick of winter?

Tell us just how sick, or not, you are of the winter that just seems to keep going this year.