Web Poll: Given the horrific bus tragedy last week, are you surprised by people’s response

Tell us your opinion about how people have reacted to the Humboldt collision

Web Poll: To what level are you sick of winter?

Tell us just how sick, or not, you are of the winter that just seems to keep going this year.

Web Poll: Should Bashaw support the curling club financially?

We ask the question and give readers three options: Yes, No, or Unsure.

Web Poll: What activity can’t you wait to do when the snow melts?

We want your opinion and feel free to leave a more detailed comment

Web poll: What should be the Town of Bashaw’s top budget prioritiy?

Give an opinion on what to focus on in 2018, and leave a comment with any details

Web Poll: We ask the question about being armed while defending property

Looking at being armed to defend one’s property, what do you think?

Fans support Rebels

Web poll: What can be done to further curb rural crime?

Tell us your thoughts on what needs to be done to lessen criminal activity

Web poll: Which municipal service is most important to you?

Cllick on the public services that is your highest priority

Web Poll: What is your favourite Winter Olympic sport?

Choose from the usual list of Canadian favs or fill everyone in on what one you like best.

Web Poll: Will you be supporting Alberta’s ban on B.C. wine?

Let us know your opinion as well — include what wine you’ll switch to or why you won’t switch

Web Poll: Had the cost of water changed how much you use?

Are you up or down in water, answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in our poll

WEB POLL: Do you think a $15 minimum wage will hurt Alberta’s economy?

Let us know your thoughts on Alberta’s upcoming $15 minimum wage.

  • Jan 10th, 2018

Web poll: Should the Town of Bashaw have allowed urn storage in the cemetery vault?

Council decided to not allow the storage of unclaimed urns in the vault, agree or disagree?