When in doubt, get checked out

Bad things happen and there isn’t always answers, but there is help available

Pastoral Ponderings: More than a stranger

Is the most recognizable parable in the Bible becoming cliché?

  • Jul 16, 2019

Just An Observation: What it means to be “Home”

There is a lot to be said for the place you feel to be your home

Lack of progress with China at G20 a colossal disappointment

Trudeau’s people skills didn’t get anywhere at summitt

What you don’t need

Pastoral Ponderings: Getting the essentials and being prepared are important

Just An Observation: Hey, can you share those pink ear plugs?

Musical tastes are personal, so take this column for what its worth

Fans support Rebels

Pastoral Ponderings: Inside out

Christian journey isn’t easy for anyone

Remember you need to walk before you run even on the ball field

T-ball can teach anyone a few lessons

  • Jul 2, 2019

The antics of Premier Jason Kenney

Albertans seem to be having some buyers remorse

Pastoral Ponderings: A Story Worth Sharing

Just because its evil doesn’t mean it translates into demon possession

Help injured animals but don’t be a kidnapper

Giving assistance is best done by calling the people who know what to do

Just An Observation: All it takes is something simple

When it all seems to be going wrong and you’re lost, kindness goes a long way

Pastoral Ponderings: It really is a big deal

The Trinity is considered a “mystery” of the faith

OPINION: “Progress” and “backsliding” are up for interpretation

Successful societies adhere to a unified philosophy or a value system

Just An Observation: Paper versus plastic, let the debate begin again

The latest announcement advocating environmental stewardship need not be all or nothing

Pastoral Ponderings: It’s in you

Holy spirit can be a scary concept

I bought their ‘Patriot’ story

Some critics of Gulf War missile say it had zero success rate

Reflecting on D-Day

Look back at the history and significance of June 6, 1944

  • Jun 11, 2019