Pastoral Ponderings: Earth Day and its relationship in the scriptures

This week’s column discusses just how the Bible and awareness of conservation relate to each other

What else is coming down the Pipe?

Area MLA muses about the federal government’s future plans on a number of issues

Web Poll: Outpouring for Broncos crash not a shock to readers

Canadian and world reaction to Humboldt hockey club tragedy isn’t a surprise to readers

Who pays for journalism? One way or another — you

Columnist describes just what drives journalism these days

  • Apr 20th, 2018

Column: #HumboldtStrong, hockey and how it brings people together

Ponoka’s Justin Kelly speaks to the collision that killed 16 Humboldt Broncos and its ripples

  • Apr 17th, 2018

Just An Observation: Enormity of tragic accident to be felt for decades

Just like in 1986, this latest tragedy in the hockey world will last in everyone’s memory

Fans support Rebels

Who pays for journalism? One way or another — you

Tim Shoults of Aberdeen Publishing writes about Ed Greenspon’s report on the Canadian media industry

  • Apr 13th, 2018

Town of Bashaw needs to financially support curling club – poll

Most recent readers poll indicates town should contribute money to local curling club

Taylor: Too many victims of rural crime

MLA Wes Taylor takes on the NDP and rural crime measures.

  • Apr 3rd, 2018

Column: Spring has arrived and it’s time to move forward

It’s time to embrace the future, in this week’s Mielke column

  • Apr 3rd, 2018

Poll Results: The majority Bashaw Star readers focus on infrastructure

Bashaw Star’s most recent poll shows the majority of readers want to focus on infrastructure

Pastoral Ponderings: Was it like this, maybe?

This week’s column speaks to the similarity or difference on how people think of Jesus

  • Mar 23rd, 2018

Sorenson: It’s déjà vu, it’s déjà vu

Area MP feels like he was reliving one day over, specifically the day he decided to run

Pastoral Ponderings: Coming face to face with Jesus

Jesus can be found everywhere, in this week’s Bashaw Pastoral Ponderings

  • Mar 19th, 2018

Web Poll results: Allowing an armed response as protection is what respondents want to see

Bashaw Star’s recent online poll responses favour shooting from the hip to protect property

Sorenson: Trudeau budget fails Canadian families, farmers and the military

MP Kevin Sorenson laments the numerous ‘broken’ promises in budget released last week

Pastoral Ponderings: Living life with a covenant

Looking at The Ten Commandments in this week’s Pastoral Ponderings column

  • Mar 5th, 2018

Opinion: When lack of gun control affects the lives of teachers, students

Questioning the second amendment and its infringement on people’s lives.

Sorenson: Trans Mountain pipeline a priority

Conservatives pushing the Liberals to make the pipeline issue a main priority

Pastoral Ponderings: Getting past the tests, or in other words, satan

This week’s column looks at the tests of life and what satan really means